l0stinsidemyhead asked:

You have great music taste and you like how I met your mother 👍😊

hello, sweetie. Answer:

haha, thanks :)
yep, it’s a great show!

I’ve had that horrible anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach for about a week and it just won’t budge. I fucking hate waking up and instantly feeling like I’m going to be sick. I hate constantly feeling like something’s about to go wrong (even though there’s little else that can) and always feeling on edge. I have that awful hole in your chest feeling and I hate that I can’t stop thinking about those things that are making me so fucking miserable. I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself feel like this again and acting like everything’s fine is exhausting. I need something to snap me out of this real soon, I need to get happy again.

Speaking With A Ghost


Overnight I fell apart,
I use to wonder where you’ve been, or where you were.
I threw my face against the wall
So I won’t wonder where you’ve been, 
Or where you are, and how you’re making out. 

Tired Tiger

Moving Mountains | Tired Tiger

You can’t feel it anymore, or anything at all.
Stop your breathing, start believing.
I will always wait for you, through everything you’ve been through.

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If I could I would shrink myself, and sink through your skin to your blood cells, and remove whatever makes you hurt.

But I am too weak to be your cure.